Still busy with the beginning of fall classes today, so how about reading these arthropod posts elsewhere?

Doug posts about the Lichen Grasshopper

New Aphid species found….on eBay!

Bootstrap Analysis finds a new species in her yard!

Ants invade….a printer? (video)

EPA limits use of Carbofuran for wildlife safety reasons:

“Carbofuran is one of the most deadly pesticides to birds left on the market. It is responsible for the deaths of millions of wild birds since its introduction in 1967, including Bald and Golden Eagles, Red-tailed Hawks, and migratory songbirds. In its 2005 ecological risk assessment on carbofuran, EPA stated that all legal uses of the pesticide were likely to kill wild birds.”

New mosquito virus identified–one they get, not one they transmit! A possible tool for future mosquito control.

Presidential Roach Race

Myrmecos finds an ant basketball in a tree

Some WTFs:

And some random stuff:

Do you agree with his criteria?

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