Jesus on a Moth!

No, that’s not an expression like “Christ on a Cracker!”

Someone in Tyler, Texas (It had to be Texas….) thinks he sees Jesus on this moth.  You know you have comedy gold just from this line:

Kirk Harper spotted the moth on an RV trailer Monday, and right away could tell it was unique. [emphasis mine]

And…oh boy…there’s a poll on that news story.  Right now 13% of the respondents can see Jesus on the moth.

Thanks muchly to Dwindling in Unbelief for finding this! Check out his larger photos of the moth, and play “spot the authority figure” on the moth thorax.

Those of you in the know will recognize this as an Imperial Moth.  It’s a broadly ranging moth in the Eastern US, including Michigan.

18 thoughts on “Jesus on a Moth!

  1. I see a wizard with a long, pointy beard and a funny hat. Or maybe a king with a smooshed crown.

    If I ignore the face in the middle, I see the top of a woman’s dress – shoulders, a scoop neckline, and boobs. LOL!

  2. I see a face, but it reminds me of a 60’s psychedelic poster or album cover with some black funk artist with a big monstrous afro.

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