Month: September 2008

Nifty Discussion guides for Teachers

I happened to run into Michigan’s Head of Public Deliberation last night, and she introduced me to the National Issues Forums publications: National Issues Forums (NIF) is a nonpartisan, nationwide network of locally sponsored public […]

No Child Left Inside Legislative Action

An update on this bill’s passage:  U.S. House of Representatives approved the No Child Left Inside Act of 2008 September 19th. The bill received bi-partisan support and was approved by a vote of 294 to […]

A new ad campaign from Raid

I saw this beautiful ad–full size here–and while the art work is lovely, I’m really puzzled. Are they advertising a product to kill moths in your closets and on clothes? The ad agency is from […]

Two little victories

My last post was such a downer, I hate leaving it on the top of my blog while I’m away, so here’s something happier to bump it a bit lower while I try to get […]

I can’t brain today

I’m going to take a little off-line break until this weekend–I’m frazzled, behind in my work, my neck is in spasm, and people online are starting to seriously piss me off. Also, the world is […]

Caught in the Bug Net: 9.24.08

Still quite tired, so time for a link collection! An interview with E.O. Wilson (!) at Radiolab Amazing glass bug sculptures Lovely caterpillar and moth you should NOT touch NCSU museum discusses the smell of […]

I need a day off

This is pretty much what I look like today. I’ll be back tomorrow (hopefully). Thanks to BackPackphotography for the photo!

Project Steve

From a press release from the National Center for Science Education: “With the addition of Steven K. Nordeen on September 5, 2008, NCSE’s Project Steve attained its 900th signatory — and the Steveometer is now […]

I’m in love with satellite radio

So, my rental car had Sirius Radio in it….and I’m totally in love.  I don’t listen to pop music at all, and I had multiple channels of classical, blues, and jazz to choose from. I […]