Finally, Kwame Kilpatrick has pleaded guilty and (indirectly) resigned as mayor.  If you aren’t up on the massive clusterfuck story, check out Respectful Insolence’s summary.

It’s a sad thing for a great city.  From a story covering the fiasco:

“Detroit — which has struggled for decades with high crime, unemployment and a shrinking population — has been hurt mightily by the mortgage crisis and the downturn in the auto industry, faces a possible budget deficit of $65 million, and was recently declared one of America’s “fastest-dying” cities by Forbes magazine.”

Detroit has also given the US a hugely vibrant music scene, both in the past and the present. John Lee Hooker. Maceo. Kenny Burell. Motown. Aretha Franklin. Iggy. Hardcore Punk. Birthplace of Techno.*

This video is a great story about what is–and isn’t–happening in Detroit. The title is Locusts, and it’s a hip hop manifesto/documentary.

Part 2 is here.

I’ll end with a link to this great post at Feministe about Unions, and why they are a GOOD thing.  Cause there are a lot of union folks in Michigan, and if we’re going to have a Michigan theme today, I’m mentioning them.


*Ok, Sonny Bono is also from Detoit. They can’t all be winners.

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  1. You know, as I watched the court proceedings yesterday, and finally heard that a*shat say “I lied under oath” (although he could have been reading a grocery list), I thought I would feel triumph, joy, or relief. Instead, I did feel sad. Not for him, just the kick-a-city-when-she’s-down crap he dragged Detroit through, the corruption and mess that will need to be overcome for years to come. There is so much rich history and beauty in this city, but I don’t think I will live to see it truly reborn and appreciated.

  2. This totally made me sniffle. This is so devastating. The worst is that we watch “national” news about spelling bees instead. This is heartbreaking.

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