Hanna at This Garden is Illegal recently reviewed a product called the Mosquito 86:

“As was pitched by the representative of the company, the Mosquito 86 is “a new, innovative way to eliminate mosquitoes in a manner that has previously only been offered through professional mosquito and pest sprayers that use commercial sized foggers or truck-mounted systems.

I.E. It is commercial grade pesticide.”

First, I want to know why I’m not getting cool free stuff to review! *pouts*

Second, I have to say that this product sounds suspiciously like a portable version of this mosquito mister.  It uses a low mist of permethrin.  I don’t have a problem with the pesticide itself (it’s safe in low amounts), but this method seems to have some of the same problems as the misters. Primarily, Non-target impacts. It kills everything around, not just mosquitoes.

So bees, butterflies, parasitic and predatory insects, etc. would be killed along with whatever mosquitoes were in the area.  If the spray/fog is applied just in the yard, when mosquitoes are present, I can live with that.

I suspect, though, that it will be used prophylactically, and that will lead not only to non-target effects, but increased potential for insecticide resistance.  And not just resistance in mosquitoes, but all the pest insects exposed.

It is really a pain to not be able to frolic outdoors without dealing with mosquitoes.
But personally, I’d either stick with DEET, take steps to prevent mosquitoes, or invest in one of these devices for large area control. At least you are only killing the animal you mean to kill.

I’d rather be in my screened-in porch, or wearing my non-stylish mosquito repellent clothing, than have a barren landscape.

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Posted by Gwen Pearson

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  1. 1) I agree… where is your cool stuff?!?!
    2) It does sound like a mister to me too.
    3) I like flowers. I do not need to kill my cute pollinators, too. I will just bathe in DEET, thanks.

  2. Ok, this is an incredibly stupid question…
    But mosquitoes wings should be about the same size and move at about the same speed in flight, producing a fairly narrow tonal range.

    Its then fairly easy to track an individual mosquito with the right hardware and software.

    Could I shoot mosquitoes out of my back yard with a small (say 100W) CO2 laser? (CO2 lasers are almost pure infrared, they are used in welding and also surgery.)

    That would be about as targeted as you could get I think.

  3. You go right ahead and try it truthwalker.
    I’ll wait here. I’m not very confident.

    Just make sure that you are targeting the flying insects that are only mosquitoes, only species that feed on humans, and only the females.

  4. Phooey. I thought I might be onto something.

  5. Like I said, try it!
    Just make sure there’s nothing else in range of the laser…

  6. Why only females? IMHO the only good mosquito is a dead mosquito…

  7. Because females are the ones that bite. Males feed on nectar, if at all, and are harmless.

    Mosquitoes are important food for many aquatic insects.
    Not all mosquito species bite people.
    Many feed exclusively on birds or other animals.

    Wholesale killing of mosquitoes is not a solution.

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