As I mentioned a week or so ago, I’m off into the wilderness again–this time to the Black Rock Forest in NY.  I’ll be attending the OBFS Annual Meeting from the 16th to the 21st.  It’s going to be really pretty, and there will be nice people, but I’d much rather be home enjoying the last few days of summer.

I have some scheduled posts for while I’m gone, but expect the pace to slow a bit.

To begin the slowing down: The September Garden Report!

The scarlet runner beans I planted to make the garden prettier turn out to grow too fast to be practical for green beans. I’d have to pick every day to try to get actually useful edible bean pods! I just let them grow and get huge, and the result is these very pretty dried purple beans.

I also tried canning for the first time this year–I got a massive pressure canner for a steal at Amazon.

The result wasn’t that pretty, but we’ll see how it tastes.  I tried both a raw pack method, and then briefly stewing and then packing.  The raw pack looks better, but the cooked tomatoes used more of the quart jar’s space.

Look for a December taste test post–and hopefully, there will be no follow up food poisoning post.

What are your favorite canning recipes?

Tomorrow: How to inspect your hotel room for bedbugs.

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  1. can you eat the purple beans? (or just sell them to a gullible kid named Jack?)

    maybe a soup?

  2. I’m a little concerned about the effects of the beans…later, if you know what I mean.

    but also curious.

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