So, my rental car had Sirius Radio in it….and I’m totally in love.  I don’t listen to pop music at all, and I had multiple channels of classical, blues, and jazz to choose from.

I could flip between Violent Femmes, Mingus, John Lee Hooker, Reggaeton, and Mendelssohn with just a touch of a button. I lost the signal every once in a while in the mountains, but only for a few seconds.

Currently, it works out to be $12/month for a subscription. But…there isn’t a very cheap, portable solution for both hooking into your car and your home stereo.

Of course, if Sirius Radio wants to send me a model for review here on the blog, I’m totally OK with that.  I’m happy to be proven wrong about that.

I’m really, really afraid to meet someone with a Kindle, because I might fall in love with that too.

Posted by Gwen Pearson

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  1. I’m with you on the radio thing. Sometimes I actually think I might hear music I like on commercial radio and turn it on. After about 2 songs I wonder what the hell I was thinking. My radio has become an NPR tuner.

  2. I’m with you on satellite radio. I’ve been an XM subscriber for a couple of years now. I absolutely love it, and rarely listen to broadcast radio anymore.

  3. What…seriously…you are going to read a book on a tiny little hand-held?! This from the woman who insisted that I not bend/crease/marr the spine on her Anne McCaffrey books ;-P

  4. Hey, I got over that phase! (and anne mccaffrey, too :p )

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