Still quite tired, so time for a link collection!

An interview with E.O. Wilson (!) at Radiolab

Amazing glass bug sculptures

Lovely caterpillar and moth you should NOT touch

NCSU museum discusses the smell of insect science (moth balls)

Lawnchair Naturalist has a nice series on rearing Cecropia moths

Lovely aphid photos at The Other 95%

Myrmecos dissects reporting on Ants–specifically, an unusual new species.

Volvo thinks bugs can make us safer drivers

An update on the value of pollinators to humans:

“The total economic value of pollination worldwide amounted to €153 billion, which represented 9.5% of the value of the world agricultural production used for human food in 2005….Looking at the capacity to nourish the world population after pollinator loss, the production of 3 crop categories – namely fruits, vegetables, and stimulants – will clearly be below the current consumption level at the world scale and even more so for certain regions like Europe.

Lastly, Ugly Overload has had an…well, overload of cool insect and arthropod images the last few weeks. Pay them a visit.

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