I’m going to take a little off-line break until this weekend–I’m frazzled, behind in my work, my neck is in spasm, and people online are starting to seriously piss me off.

Also, the world is full of sick f**Ks.

Have a pretty picture while I’m gone!

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  1. In addition to attacking PETA (an act with which I agree but for non-feminist reasons), the commenters at the womanist-musings site brought forth some opinions which, I believe, are as much non-scientific woo as any issues claimed by PETA. For instance, they made some claims about cow’s milk that were not backed by any research that I could find and, of course, some of them made the usual vegan silly claims and a few marxist claims about abusing labor.

    As for the other site, while no reasonable person could say that the biological event of puberty confers a state of “consentedness” on a young girl, the majority of our laws about sex and consent are not based on any logic or science or knowledge about human sexuality but on some biblical prejudices that have no basis in reality.

  2. Oh yes. And I like your pretty pictures…..

  3. I think she’s right on the mark–oppressing one group is not the way to right abuses against another group. (and particularly when the other group isn’t even human! What about all the farm workers picking the salads that PETA types are eating?)

    It’s especially over the top when it seems to always be women’s sexuality that PETA uses in its messages.

    (and when it is such a blatantly stupid idea to use women’s breast milk in ice cream).

  4. It IS sorta titillating tho. Sorta reminds me of a fantasy I had when I was about 10 years old….. Is PETA run by 10 year old boys? However, I doubt very much I would be interested in that kind of ice cream. Now it makes me a little ill just thinking about it.

  5. I’m sorry people are being jerks…

    Also, the picture is pretty. Thank you for it and for being a better friend than I deserve.

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