My last post was such a downer, I hate leaving it on the top of my blog while I’m away, so here’s something happier to bump it a bit lower while I try to get caught up at work.  This photo illustrates how deeply I need to dive into my work–and is insanely cute.

Victory #1:

We got our electricity bill today. It was $189.23.  After I nearly soiled myself upon opening the envelope, and subsequently spent an hour on hold, it turns out it was an “estimated” amount of usage. No actual meter reader had visited, so their computer guessed how much we might have used.

There was no reason for why it estimated over 3 times the actual amount due: $50.20.  They credited us the difference.

Victory #2:

I was able to figure out what was wrong that caused ugly code to suddenly appear on the university’s home page, and fix it. Go me!

Thanks to Njnijnkijkt for the photo!  There are other lovely photos in that photostream, BTW.

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  1. Heh; you gotta love the fuzzy little butt sticking out of the flower!

    Holy cows girl, I’d be delighted to have such low electric bills of $50/month… (and we’re even on a level payment plan).

    Congratulations on figuring out the glitch; makes you feel like a righteously macha geek, dunnit? (-:


  2. We have the same problem with electricity companies here. They like to guesstimate upwards, take your money via direct debit, and then take a very long time to refund what they owe. In short, it’s a scam so they get your money to make money for them.

  3. You have quite a site here!
    Thanks for stopping by and identifying the picture of the wheel bug.

    Congrats on getting your money back from the nasty electric company.

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