Doug of Gossamer Tapestry gets some nice news coverage of his efforts to help re-establish Swamp Metalmarks via captive breeding (hence the Barry White reference).  There’s even some video!

“The endangered swamp metalmark butterflies that hatched this week at the Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum already have made a mark as the first of their species to be bred in a laboratory setting. Museum scientists hope their effort will help restore the butterflies to the Illinois fens from which they disappeared decades ago…

Swamp metalmarks are tiny things—less than an inch across—but Taron thinks saving them is worth all the effort.

“I can’t point to the swamp metalmark and say that if it disappears, civilization will collapse,” Taron said. “But we know that ecosystems tend to flourish the more parts they have. Our generation will make the decision for every generation after us which species will survive and which will not survive. That’s a monumental responsibility.”

Congrats, and well said!

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