Not A Bee: FAIL

See, this is why knowing your bees from bee mimics is important–

You don’t want to have a snarky entomologist like me point out that your website about bees is prominently featuring….a syrphid FLY.

Not a Bee.


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5 thoughts on “Not A Bee: FAIL

  1. I mean, look at the EYES on that critter! Even before you can stop to notice the antennae or count the wings, those broad eyes like 1980’s shoulderpads oughta be a clue.


  2. lol!!! ohhhh kay that is pretty funny. did you actually point out the error to them?
    by the way, i’ve always been a big fan of your blog, and i was very impressed with you standing up to that rystefn guy on his blog. i usually find myself in alignment with all your posts on skepchick or otherwise, keep up the good work! ;)

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