I just got a huge shipment of boxes containing the cool loot I got on an educational grant. 10K worth of computer, video camera, and editing software.


And yes, that IS a MacPro. I don’t quite have a terabyte…yet.

None of this, alas, will live on my desktop–I got funded because it will be shared between all our educational units. But for a little while–mine.

6 thoughts on “OMGSHINYOMG

  1. OOH shiny!

    I need to get a desktop someday; everything I run at once is getting to be too much for a MacBook, and using an external drive is awkward and sometimes slow. I just figure that the longer I can wait, the smaller-better-faster-stronger-cheaper it’ll be. (more or less)


  2. Can you explain how you received this grant? What was involved? What exactly are your educational activities?

  3. This was an internal grant. It’s competitive, but I’m competing just within our institution. I got the grant because it’s for use in our educational programs, and it will be shared between at least 5 different groups.

    I would rather not go into more details about my job, since I’m trying to maintain plausible deniability about just who bug-girl is :)

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