Found these great collection of photos of….collections…at a blog by KolbyKirk.

I especially love this photo from the NMNH website.

He also introduced me to a magazine I had never heard of–called Antennae!  From their website:

“Antennae is the online Journal of Nature in Visual Culture….The journal combines a heightened level of academic scrutiny of animals in art, (as evidenced by a two-volume issue dedicated to the ways in which our human intellectual and culture models have been influenced by the natural history of insects), with a less formal and more experimental format designed to appeal to audiences of artists and general public alike.”

Most of their back issues appear to be online. I’ve downloaded the “Insect Poetics” issue, and will let you know what I think.  There is also a list of books…some of which may be distracting me in the future.

Enjoy exploring!

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  1. I’ve had that very picture as my wallpaper for several weeks now.

  2. There is also Antenna, the newsletter of the Royal Entomological Society. Hopefully won’t cause too much confusion!

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