Man. I couldn’t have even made this one from Kentucky up:

“People voting at the Ballard-Griffith Towers Apartments in Lexington should not be concerned about the bedbugs that have infested more than 300 units at the complex, according to city officials. The voting room has been chemically treated, all furniture removed and the carpet steam cleaned to remove any possibility of infestation. Voters who do not live in the complex are asked to enter the precinct from the outside door that leads directly to the voting room instead of entering through the building lobby.”

In other news:  Look at this little girl’s face. Obama 2008

It says what I’m feeling. “It really can happen! Wow!”

Posted by Gwen Pearson

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  1. Bug Girl,

    It pains me that you would think this is something that you “couldn’t make up” — as if it were odd and laughable news. There are bedbugs in this country and they are disproportionately affecting the elderly and vulnerable. People in this particular building have been living with intractable bedbug infestations; this previous article describes just what that means, when a quarter of the units have bedbugs and there are bedbugs in the halls, when treating will cost 30-50K.

    And, in fact, you know about the resurgence of bedbugs. You were at the last ESA meeting where there were bedbug presentations galore.

    Not odd and not “LOL.” Please. Thanks.

  2. I find it funny because it’s something that I never even *considered* as affecting election turnout. I would definitely have thought twice about voting in that polling station!

    Here, I was just worried about being clocked by a redneck. The size scale between the two fears tickles my sense of humor. Clearly not everyone agrees with that.

    You are right; it isn’t at all funny for the people living there.

  3. It is funny and unexpected and the pic in your post was fantastic.

    Renee, your dedication to the cause of bedbug eradication is inspiring, but keep in mind that not all of us are Entomologists so we do find it interesting and worth a grin. If anything Bug Girl is bringing the information to a wider audience. No doubt the bedbugs are more than an annoyance, but no senior citizens were harmed in the posting of this article.

  4. Hi,
    All i could thing of when i hear the word BUG is “Some issue in my code”. hahahaha… What to do. i’m into such profession. By the way, you have a great blog.

    Will be sure to check out this blog. BFN


  5. It pains ME that some people clearly don’t have a sense of humor…

    yeesh!::rolling eyes::

  6. OT, about the photo you want, yes it is mine – I think my email back ended in your spam filter.

  7. ugh–It turns out I was right to be a little fearful of violence:
    Black Church Burned
    Effigies Hung
    Hate crime on Election night

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