One of the really neat things about the internet is that I can now discover all the ways in which my cheerful obsession with insects intersects with the happy obsessions of others.

Today’s example: Knitted insects.

My grandmother tried–HARD–to make me into a proper girl and teach me to knit.

I sucked at it utterly.

So I’m especially amazed and jealous of Hansi’s skills to make amazingly cute mantids.

Perhaps if I had learned on this pattern, rather than focusing on booties and hot pads, I might have learned better…….

For those of you that do knit, there are patterns for sale at Hansi’s Etsy shop.

Posted by Gwen Pearson

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  1. Oh that is too cute!

    Dang, I may have to get past the cast-on and knit stages and finally learn to perl … (in my voluminous free time, hah!)


  2. Her whole shop is awesome. If only I could knit. I love the amount of invertebrates she has… and the elephant. It’s cute too.

  3. Wow! Even if I do knit, my knitting doesn’t even count as knitting compared to this. Amazing. (Excuse me for saying that for some reason I feel a bit itchy…)

  4. Very cool! I was sent by Doug T. since he knows I’m a closet knitter. I will have to share this with my knitting circle.

  5. Hey, why a closet knitter? I know a lot of folks that knit, and say it’s very relaxing.

    Of course, I don’t find it relaxing at all–more like hair-pulling frustration. But that’s me :)

  6. […] I’ve said before when I’ve found knitted insects, I am in awe of this […]

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