Yep, it’s gun season now in Michigan.

In addition to the sounds of an OK Corral gun fight in our neighborhood, there are other signs.

For example, I was behind a minivan with 2 dead deer bungied to the roof at a stoplight this afternoon.

And I got an meeting cancellation email from a guy that says he’s taking his 83 year old mom hunting in the UP, maybe for her last time.

That’s a valid excuse, for me.

If you’re hunting, please make sure you take your deer to be inspected at the local check station.  Several nasty diseases are on the move in our deer population, and it’s important to collect data on where they occur.

There’s a deer check station look-up tool here.

(In case you’re wondering–I don’t hunt. I’m a crappy shot, and I don’t have a big enough freezer.)

Posted by Gwen Pearson

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  1. I crave venison backstraps. I want to go hunting with my father in law, but I don’t think I’ll have time this year.

  2. If you are hunting geese please check your State’s rules closely. Here in Oregon, the smaller Canada Geese are on the no-no list, Cackling Geese and Aleutian Geese. The Aleutian variety are still on the endangered list in Oregon.

    Go ahead and blast away at the Common Geese if your State rules allow, but watch out for those restricted varieties.

    I’m not a hunter either, but I do like an occasional piece of venison.

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