Not A Bee FAIL #2

Ugh. Almost half of the “bees” in this honeybee news story slideshow are, in fact, flies.beefail2 I’m really hoping that these are photos contributed by the public, and not part of the original article.


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3 thoughts on “Not A Bee FAIL #2

  1. I have a book that covers insects and they mention the similarity between bees syrphid flies in the fly section but then in the intro page to bees it was still fly! Hate it when that happens. I even had to double check with an actual entomologist to make sure I wasn’t crazy.

  2. I turned it into a lunch break game of spot the bee mimics. I think I need to practice more, I was only certain that 9 of them were flies. Of course before I started reading your great blog I would have thought they were all bees.

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