I didn’t want 2008 to get away without mentioning that it’s the 100 year anniversary of 4H in Michigan!  MSU, the home of 4-H in Michigan (since it’s a land grant university) has an exhibit of archival photos and documents.

I’m a huge fan of 4H, and as I’ve written before, I think it’s one of the ways we can still make science and education FUN. 4H emphasizes hard work, self-teaching, experiential learning, teamwork, and friendship. Mastery. Generosity. Independence.

4-H has come a long way from “sows and plows”, and while it still has an aggie focus, there are many 4H clubs in urban centers that focus on science, crafts, healthy living, and citizenship.  Here’s a neat news story about one focused on social justice.

Additional Info about 4H:4-hlogo

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  1. In Naples, FL the 4-H is Marine Science based and it was a blast. I loved teaching the kids how to seine and seeing the look on their faces when I touched a comb jelly. We had fun on the beach and learned a lot of cool stuff about science. I even had kids tell me, “I thought this was going to be dorky, but I’m glad mom made me come…” Ah from the mouths of babes.

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