15 thoughts on “Pumpkin Pie: a Poll

  1. Oh, apple pie is much better than pumpkin pie on the fruit category. I usually count pumpkin pie as the egg dish for breakfast. With the egg dish out of the way, I need fruit. Pumpkin pie AND apple pie — now that’s breakfast!

  2. Pumpkin is the part of the plant containing the seeds – the ovary. And is thus a fruit. Just like tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, eggplant, and many others.
    Coffee, however, is made from a seed. It’s no more a fruit than almond is.

    Now what being a fruit has to do with being suitable for breakfast I can’t imagine.

  3. coffee is an infusion! It doesn’t count.

    However a custard made with winter squash definitely counts as good-for-you in my book (sure, it has sugar, but Oh Well).


  4. Sure it has sugar, but not *that* much sugar. At least the way I make it, pumpkin pie is less than about 15% added sugar by weight, which is better than a lot of “breakfast foods” like cereal, doughnuts, and other pastries. I’ve got no problem considering pumpkin pie to be a breakfast food, even without rationalizing it as being a fruit.

  5. OT: At my house we often make pancakes with whole-wheat pancake mix and canned pumpkin. They’re really good!

  6. Will, I make Pumpkin pancakes. I use a potato pancake recipe and substitute shredded squash for the potato! It is my family’s favorite.

    BG, pumpkin pie is fine but butternut squash pie is divine. :)

  7. My argument is that pumpkin pie is really a custard pie – it’s all about the eggs. Thus it’s arguably a pumpkin-flavored omelette and thus an appropriate breakfast food.

  8. Hmm, it would be tempting to eat pumpkin pie for breakfast but then I’d be denying myself the far greater pleasure—eating pumpkin pie as a field snack. Pop a couple of slices in a strong paper bag, pop the bag in the largest pocket of your field jacket, and head out for a couple of hours work in the wind and snow.

    When your feet are starting to feel cold, when your nose is frost nipped, and when you’re starting to feel tired, find a sheltered spot behind a tree, pull that bag out, and feast on those crumbly, crushed pieces of pie. Mmmm.

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