In October I posted about a survey by the Natural Science Collections Alliance to see how economic conditions might effect museums and researchers. They have released preliminary results from their survey!

  • 66 percent of survey respondents reported that they “anticipate a budget cut in the coming 12-24 months.”
  • 86 percent of the respondents report receiving philanthropic donations.  Of these, 48 percent expect to see reduced donations in the coming 12 – 24 months.

I’ll be very interested in seeing more of the results–they are more optimistic than I expected, which is good news. For example, a little over half of the collections reported increased visitation. I didn’t expect that at all, since our numbers are way down. That could just be a Michigan thing, though.

BTW, Michigan will probably have record budget cuts this year–in the middle of the budget cycle. Economists are projecting 10% unemployment in Michigan by early next year. From a recent news story:

“School districts, universities and local governments that got more state money this year probably will have to give back some or all of that increase, Senate Fiscal Agency director Gary Olson said Thursday.”

Posted by Gwen Pearson

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