A bunch of new FREE stuff out from AIBS:

“The teaching and learning resources compiled for the fifth annual evolution symposium and educator workshop, “Illuminating Biology: An Evolutionary Perspective,” held in October at the National Association of Biology Teachers (NABT) professional development conference, are now online.”

“The AIBS education resource ActionBioscience.org now has a new section on the site specifically for educators. The “Educator Resources” page…provides easy access to the array of relevant resources provided by AIBS….  All of these resources are available for free.”

The beta site for the Understanding Science project was launched during the California Science Teachers Association annual conference at the end of October. The site includes information for the general public on the real process of science, highlighting the creative and nonlinear paths scientists take.

I especially like this page from Understanding Science on the limits of science. I find that once I clearly separate out science from other ways of knowing, a lot of my creationist students calm down.

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