(I didn’t think of that post title myself, unfortunately. I stole it from this review.)

I have no idea why Hollywood keeps redoing–and utterly ruining–good old movies.  The original is a wonderful Cold War classic from 1951, if you haven’t seen it.keanu

Apparently I will have to rent this one when it’s on DVD, though–there’s an entomological connection!

“Klaatu’s sidekick robot Gort, after taking out some drone planes and their missiles, finally gets boxed up and taken to an underground facility where the android turns into billions of little locust-y bugs that destroy everything in their path. Thus does the final act of “Earth” turn into a remake of that classic stinker “The Swarm.” (The only good part of this sequence is that you get to see military men literally aim at a gnat with a cannon.)”

Yes. That I am interested in seeing.

Has any one seen this “giant interstellar turkey” that can comment on the bug components?

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  1. Greetings, fellow entomoblogger…just popping in to say hi.

    Saw the movie last night, and they looked a lot like metallic Psocoptera.

    You’re right, BTW…the original was better.

  2. Actually, metallic Psocoptera sound kinda cool….

    but I still think I’ll wait for the DVD so I can fast forward to the bug bits.

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