Tree Lobsters: The Comic

OMG. There are no words for how awesomely awesome this is.  I mentioned tree lobsters at Skepchick because…Tree Lobsters! What do I need to say, really?


Steve made this comment:

I’d like to see a comic called Tree Lobsters. Something along the lines of Dinosaur Comics. Just clip art lobsters sitting in trees discussing philosophy.

And somehow, it evolved into this, courtesy of Mr. Degroof.

Thank you so much :)

5 thoughts on “Tree Lobsters: The Comic

  1. Um. First of all, totally off topic. And did you miss this part in the post you reference where I say:

    “They usually don’t sting, and are a type of parasitic wasp.”

    Common names are tricky. I did give the correct family of that wasp in the photo, so I clearly know what it is.

    They are called “bees” in the way that many people call anything with 6 legs “bugs.” I don’t bother with being strict about common names, because while the ESA may regulate them, most Americans have no idea what the “proper” name is. And could care less, frankly.

    I’m not writing this blog just for entomologists–it’s for the general reader that just happens to like bugs.

  2. OK, I’ve cranked out three comics to start. Just to give the blog that lived-in look. I’ve also got a “Christmas special” pasted up. I’ll post that in the next day or so, as soon as I can think of a good hovertext.

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