We are snowed in for a while–about 12 inches of mixed snow and ice. The snow plow killed ANOTHER one of our mailboxes–that’s three mailboxes in 3 years murdered by snowplow.

Rural Readers: Feel free to share your stories of snow plow damage. It’s pretty much an annual event.

In fact, I didn’t actually know this, but there is a national holiday on January 23rd: Snowplow Mailbox Hockey Day.   It’s apparently a celebration mostly for the plow drivers.  They get extra points for knocking one into another county.

We are supposed to get another foot of snow later today….So, I’m going to take this opportunity to take the weekend off, and return Monday with a Holiday story about….bigamist entomologists.

Posted by Gwen Pearson

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  1. So sorry to hear about the death of another mail box.
    Come spring perhaps there will be a memorial service for all the mail boxes that went down while in service. I wonder about mail box bug habitat? Are the bugs protected? Do they have rights?
    Have a Happy Christmas,

  2. Eh, it’s part of living in the country. Mostly, it’s just expensive to keep replacing the dang things.
    We are getting a new mailbox–one like this:

    The demo movie is very accurate–we do run after the plow shaking our fists and waving mail :D

    Can’t wait to play with it!

  3. Three in Three years? I’d be seriously piffed off. It would be different if it had been hungry enough to eat it, but to kill and leave it lying in the snow is unconscionable ;-) Undoubtedly the mail will show up and become quite frustrated :-o

    Back in NY my parents had a place in the snow belt east of Buffalo on Silver Lake. The paved town road went only as far as the private road that ran along the lake. The boxes (about 25 or so) were on the paved road and almost every year some were nailed. One year the plow took all of them out. I wonder if the plow operator was plowed himself.

    BTW. Your avatar is really cool!

  4. Thanks–the avatar was a gift from one of the Skepchicks. Jill has Artistic Talent.

    I don’t :)

    Our ex-mailbox is now sitting on a 4 foot pile of snow. It actually is working pretty well–we got mail today!

  5. i am so glad I am not working n plowing this year.

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