Yeah, I posted this last year. But it still makes me smile, so here it is again!  I stole it from Ugly Overload:


Oh, and don’t miss the new Xmas song, Silverfish (To the tune of Silver Bells):

City cellars
Moldy cellars
We have just ventured down
To the basement to get things for Christmas
Lots of boxes, stacks of boxes
I think this one’s the tree
As we move them we’re likely to see…

Silver fish, Silver fish
Its Christmas time in the cellar
Centipedes, race with ease
Soon it will be Christmas Day

I’ve been trying to think of a nice Chanukkah-insect combo, but I got nothing. Feel free to make some suggestions in the comments.

6 thoughts on “Santapede!

  1. Inspired by my former Brooklyn apartment, to the tune of “Oh Hanukkah”:

    Oh cockroaches oh cockroaches
    Come in from the wall space.
    Skittering all over
    The kitchen and food plates.
    Please explore the counters
    So you will meet
    Roach motels to stick to
    And poison to eat.

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