Wack off. No, seriously. It’s an insect repellent!

Lovely photos of fecal shields (really!) at Cicindela.  You’ve never seen such beautiful poop.

Anna has a lovely post (with photos) about cheating bees.

Myrmecos has a year-end ant roundup.

Idiots want to use DDT in Idaho.

BeetlesintheBush has moved to WordPress! You can still find awesome photos of tiger beetles at this new location.

Giant Isopods in Britain! I so want one of these….and a Hot Pink Millipede found in the Mekong.

Doug discovers he’s an endangered species. Me too, actually.

Bibliodessey publishes lovely old monographs of spiders (ca. 1836).

The Night before Christmas–the Gardener’s version.

A little year-end WTF  collection:

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  1. Nice wrap up to 2008. Happy New Year!

  2. This is so random and possibly spam.
    I’ll shoot anyway because your bug girl and I love commenting on blogs!
    I can’t recall the actors name but I love that guy from CSI that loves bugs and things. I also adore moths. I am an agnostic atheist and share a common interest with you in science.
    I would love to learn more about bugs and their relativity to evolution.
    Perhaps, you could head me in the right direction?
    I hope to learn more about your atheist views.

    Thankyou for your time,

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