Just wanted to mention that I’ll be hosting the first Skeptics’ Circle of 2009 this Thursday. You can find the guidelines for post submission here.  If you want to submit a post, you can find my email on the “About Bug Girl” page.  Please, submit your posts by 6pm Wednesday if you can! 

Also:  Sometime this morning the Bug Blog got hit number 300,000.

I started here at WordPress in February 2007 (the earlier posts in the archive were migrated from my personal blog @ mac.com).
That isn’t bad at all for a blogger obsessed with little crawly things.  Yay!!

Lastly, as a favor:  If there is some way you can work yesterday’s post on cochineal into a link on your blog, I’d appreciate it. There’s a lot of misinformation out there, and I’d like to try to push that post up a little on the search engine rankings.

Thanks so much everyone!  (And thanks to shannonkringen for the awesome sign.)

Posted by Gwen Pearson

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  1. Congrats on the 300K. It’s a niche blog regarding a subject that most people in the US have an unwarranted aversion to. The vast majority of bugs are harmless to humans and quite proper in a healthy ecosystem. Posts about bugs that people commonly see but are harmless sounds like a good idea.

    You can bet that I’ll be back for The Circle.

  2. Gratz on the numbers. I posted an article linking to yours at the following address. I wasn’t sure if your comments allowed html so I didn’t make a link.


  3. Yay on 300k. I’m about to hit about a tenth of that. I wasn’t able to get to it until today, but I put something up that links to your cochineal article.

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