Some fun for a Friday. And I’m sure the large number of beer bottles in the video are a total coincidence :D

Virginia Tech has a nice publication on Bark Beetles:

“Bark beetles attack trees that are weakened or dying due to stress factors such as drought, disease, smog, mechanical injury, alteration of the water table, or root damage due to nearby construction.”

All sorts of Bark Beetle information is also available at, BTW.

Waggle of the antennae to InsectaPodcast for pointing me at this.

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  1. You won’t be able to understand the lyrics, but here’s an apropos video. The 1981 Norwegian hit ‘Bark beetle boogie’.

  2. No, no, the beer bottles were carefully arranged to help with the acoustics… :-)

  3. Oh, that is an rockin’ tune, Bjornar!!!
    Do you happen to know any context for it? Who is that guy?


  4. The artist is Øystein Sunde and wikipedia says:

    Øystein Sunde (born January 24, 1947) is a Norwegian folk singer and guitarist. He is known for his high-speed guitar and banjo style and his satirical lyrics. Although often regarded as a comedian, Sunde is a versatile jazz guitarist who has played with several dixie bands and jazz combos over the years.

    Norway had some major infestations in the 70s of ips typographus, with a lot of publicity for the spruce bark beetle. (Or really against I suppose.) Pheromone baited traps was fairly ubiquitous in Norwegian forests when this song was released.

    The lyrics though are just funny anthropomorphised ramblings on the life of a bark beetle.

    The first verse and chorus goes thus in a straight translation:

    I am a bark beetle in a bark beetle tree
    I dance bark beetle boogie when I’m off somewhere
    I have a bark beetle trap in my bark beetle hat
    I dance bark beetle boogie every bark beetle night

    Bark beetle, bark beetle, bark beetle boogie,
    bark beetle, bark beetle, bark beetle boogie.
    We are a thousand bark beetles in every bark beetle tree,
    and dance bark beetle boogie until the tree falls down.

    The rest of the song is too pun-ish to do justice in a simple translation.

  5. Thanks so much! Noted for future post.


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