Weekly WTF: The Michigan Version

Ugh. So much to rant about right now in Michigan. The one that has me most annoyed is the way the Kalamazoo City Council caved and repealed their ordinance protecting LGBT folks from discrimination in housing and employment.

This comes after a Michigan Supreme court ruling last year that the ban on gay marriage that was passed also bans same-sex partner benefits by state agencies or state universities.

The state legislature also failed to pass a bullying bill known as Matt’s Safe School Law–named after a teen that killed himself over hazing.  This is especially horrible given a case in the news recently that is just….I have no words. *shudder*

Other bad news:

So many people need unemployment in Michigan that the unemployment agency phone system has crashed:

“They confirmed a large spike in the number of unemployed in Michigan has resulted in a deluge of calls agency employees can’t handle. But officials are planning to add 90 temporary employees next month to answer questions from the jobless and process their claims….Michigan’s unemployment rate was the nation’s highest at 9.6 percent in November.”

Also, it’s -35 degrees outside, and snowing again. WTF?

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