Thought you might need some amusement after a weekend in which there was even more snow!firefly

I got some good news–I will definitely be going on a trip to La Selva Biological Station, Costa Rica, in September!  Finally, I get close to the equator.  (Well, closer than Michigan or Sweden, anyway.)

For those of you who have already been–what coolness do I have to look forward to? What should I do/see/bring?

Thanks to urtica for letting me steal and abuse her photo.  BTW, you can subscribe to her Bug of the Day feed/email here.

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  1. To bring: digicam and lotsa flash cards! You’ll be there at the end of the rainy season. La Selva may be more swank than other tropical locations I’ve visited and have a clothes dryer, but it’s good to have quick-dry clothing and undies.

    If this is your first trip to the tropics, you will be overwhelmed and overjoyed. You’ll love it.

  2. As I am very amateur entomologist who has been there, you have nothing but amazing times in Costa Rica.

    I recommend a portable digital audio recorder for ambiences and a camera that handles great macros shots (standard for entomologists, no?) as insects are literally *everywhere*. If you already have an SLR, you may want to consider a point an shoot for ease of carrying. I have a Sony DSC-T100 and, while it only does jpeg and doesn’t have wide angle, it takes great extreme macros from 1/2 inch away and boots up fast.

    Try to avoid getting your clothes wet as it’s so humid it can take things a day or two to dry. Bring a gortex suit as when/if it rains, it’ll be nothing like you have ever seen.

    Eat as much fresh fruit as possible. It’s the best you will ever have – especially pineapple.

    Stick to beer and bottld water.

    I highly recommned getting a professional tour guide for walking rain forest tours and canoe trips. They can save your life and now what to look for quicker than self guided.

    Lastly, tip the help. There’s a lot of Ugly Americans there who don’t tip at all. By tipping, our service was extradonary and the Ugaly American’s wondered why their drinks were watered down or took 10 minutes to get a beer…lol.

  3. I am both freaked about the travel itself, and completely geeked by the chance to go and see new bugs!

    I suspect by September 1, I’ll just not be able to sleep at all for the excitement :)

  4. You should bring:
    Your Sister!

  5. If you can get the ticket, I will happily pay for room and board :)

  6. Oh man, that’s awesome! LOLbeetles!

    Monteverde CR is where I got hooked on bugs. Have an excellent trip!

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