I am still too geeked from the inauguration to write anything (this is a pretty good description of how I feel–total emotional rollercoaster).

How about a pretty photo of a moth fly? These tiny little fuzzballs are about 2-3 mm or so in length.  Some of them are lovely and iridescent, and up close their antennae are beautiful.

Oh. And:

This cute fuzzy little insect is also known as…

a urinal fly.

Their larvae really like to eat the sludge in your drains.

Just focus on the fuzzy cuteness, ok?

Thanks to G. Yuvallos for the photo!

Posted by Gwen Pearson

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  1. Beautiful! As for the roller coaster, me too. This has all been quite a phenomenon.

  2. Psychodids ftw!~


  3. it was cool until you said what it liked to eat!

  4. Knowledge is power, Kev :D

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