I spent yesterday afternoon chasing mute swans around in 2 foot deep snow, on a frozen pond, in waders, with a giant net on a pole.

It was not an easy task.
Big props to our intern, who made some amazing diving catches that were better than anything you’ll see at the Super Bowl.

Now, I’m exhausted.

So, how about an amusing photo, instead of a thoughtful post?

This photo was apparently  a sticker on the floor in front of a display for insecticides.

Very clever!

[thanks to Hil for the photo.]

Posted by Gwen Pearson

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  1. Genius. I’ll have to do this for reals for my next Argentinian invasion.

  2. Mute swans are big and mean. Better you guys than me chasing them.

  3. I tip my hat to you.


    Would never risk death chasing after swans.

  4. The great mother goddess would say that death is what you risk to live as a hunter on the earth.

  5. Dear Bug Girl, Would you approve of our Insect Circus show I wonder?

  6. Indeed, I would! Most amusing :)

    I will have to mention it in the future.

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