I am always amazed at how the internets make it easy to find clever people all over the world doing things I really should have thought of myself. Today’s Example: The Small Science Collective.


“The intention of Small Science Collective is to …get everyone thinking about & communicating science through cheap and handy one page zines. Contributions come from researchers, students, the science-curious, and hopefully you as well! These zines and pamphlets are distributed in subways, benches, coffee shops, and any place someone might least expect them.”

Each of the zines is available as a PDF download.  The amusing one shown here  was Insect Sex Ed: It’s all perfectly normal.  I was also very taken with “Those Odd Dermapterans”, which is very beautifully drawn, and the Locusts/Wrath of God zine made me LOL.

And–Ha! One of the zines points out that carmine and cochineal, commonly used in lipstick, is made from scale insects.  Although, alas, I think it could have been a bit more informative.

Many insect pamphlets, as well as molecular biology and more!  They invite submissions–perhaps some talented readers want to offer some science propaganda?

Posted by Gwen Pearson

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  1. OOH! This is clever! You always find the neatest things.

  2. At least my short attention span is good for *something* :D

  3. […] Check out the full zine library here. Print one out, follow the folding instructions and pass it along. They’re looking for new contributors too. Sweet. Read their manifesto after the jump. (via Bug Girl’s Blog.) […]

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