Month: February 2009

I’ll be back in a while. Hopefully.

I was outed to both my boss and several folks high up in the Michigan Powers That Be as the author of the Bug Blog. I have deleted several posts about the recent Michigan budget […]

Diverse Landscapes are better

PNAS recently published a really interesting paper that estimated what the cost was, in terms of ecosystem services, of planting all that corn for ethanol production. Basically, when you plant just one crop, you reduce […]

Insect Art from Brazil!

I was surfing about, and this image happened to catch my eye on Flickr. It turned out to be part of this. It’s apparently from an art show by Regina Silveira: Mundus Admirus e Outras […]

Happy Birthday Darwin

I thought a long time about what I could write for Mr. Darwin–but I really just don’t have anything I think will do him justice. How about you check out the Brand New edition of […]

Insects, Bigamy, and History

Today I will entertain you with some random facts about a favorite (and very infamous!) entomological figure: Harrison G. Dyar (1866-1929). Dyar is one of the truly bizarre figures in Entomology. First a Smithsonian scientist– then […]

Bus Sign Generator fun

I’m sure somewhere you’ve heard about the silliness about dueling bus slogans in Britain and elsewhere. Now someone has created an online Bus Sign Generator.  You had ta’ know I’d go there: What can you […]

Invasive Wildlife Bill Reintroduced!

You might remember me covering this bill before–it’s now The Nonnative Wildlife Invasion Prevention Act (H.R. 669).  Currently, species may be imported unless declared “injurious” under the Lacey Act–which can only happen after an animal […]

Dear Parent….

When you email me about an internship I’ve posted, and tell me YOU are looking for an internship for your son/daughter, that pretty much puts the kibosh on me ever hiring your kid right there.  […]

Pretty Picture Monday (and an argument)

I have a super busy schedule today, so how about you cruise over to Scienceray and look at their pretty photos of…insects eating each other.  This lovely robber fly is a great example. You can […]