Share the love day

So, Blogroll Amnesty Day was February 3rd, and in proper Bug Blog tradition, I missed it.  B.A.D. is a day “to salute all of the great smaller blogs that don’t get the recognition they deserve.”

Frankly, I think nearly all the blogs I read would be defined as “small,” including the Bug Blog. If you have an Authority of less than 150 on Technorati, you are considered small.  But why worry about size queens?

So I proclaim today “Share The Love Day”:  a day to recognize pretty much random blogs that I find amusing,  entertaining, and interesting.

Lastly–a request.
I know that there are people that I’ve meant to add to the Blogroll here, but I’ve been having a very hectic…well, year. My job is settling down some, but I tend to drop balls all the time. So, if you’d like to be added to the Bug Blog roll, please leave a comment!

I’m also open to new and better category suggestions for making order out of a rather long blogroll list.


* Monty Python has its own YouTube Channel now.  And there was much rejoicing!

7 thoughts on “Share the love day

  1. ok… correction… the blog of unnecessary quotation marks is now one of my fave. I keep giggling uncontrollably. Thanks. I needed that!

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