Bill Gates, Malaria, and Mosquitoes

In an interesting TED talk, Bill Gates releases mosquitoes into a crowd.  An excerpt:

Sadly, it only takes a few comments on the TED page until the “bring back DDT” drivel appears.  Sigh.

If you actually watch the complete talk, you see that Malaria was  NEVER eradicated in the equatorial areas, with or without DDT.  As I have said many, many times, malaria is a complicated problem, and no single chemical will be the solution.

I am not a fan of Microsoft, but I give Gates big props for trying to do something constructive with his money.  Bill also talks about what makes good teachers…good.  Very interesting.

6 thoughts on “Bill Gates, Malaria, and Mosquitoes

  1. It’s fascinating how quickly the criticism of Gates got around — criticism wholly divorced from what Gates said, and criticism that favors DDT as the magic solution.

    It’s like they think DDT is pixie dust, and that pixie dust works against malaria.

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  3. That’s hilarious. All that he needed was for a bunch of mosquitoes to swarm the auditorium and attack the audience. It would have been like a scene out of The Simpsons- back when The Simpsons was funny.

  4. A superb moment of theater in a venue where attempts at such moments many but successful ones are rare. Mr. Gates’ point couldn’t have been better made. Bravo!

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