I’ll be back in a while. Hopefully.

I was outed to both my boss and several folks high up in the Michigan Powers That Be as the author of the Bug Blog.

I have deleted several posts about the recent Michigan budget issues at their request.  I’m very sorry if your comments disappeared with them.

I am really happy that people like my work enough to praise me by name–but there is a REASON that I blog anonymously.

The Bug Blog is closed until further notice.

46 thoughts on “I’ll be back in a while. Hopefully.

  1. Sorry this happened to you :-(.

    Reading your wonderful writing over the past couple of years has taught me so much and given me many good laughs too.

    Thank you for all your hard work and I hope you can start blogging again soon.

  2. I’ve only recently started following this blog, and I find it both very informative as well as entertaining. I hope you get things sorted out and return soon.

    Best wishes, Alan.

  3. I’m so sorry to hear this. I was thrilled with your blog and shared your posts widely. I’m certainly not a “power” but I didn’t see anything wrong with your posts and commentary. I hope to see you back soon.

  4. I too only recently found you – via the cochineal issue – and now you have to leave us. Sorry to hear it and I hope you’re not in too much fertiliser.. best wishes.

  5. Ahhhh man… I just started reading your blog. I can’t believe giving you trouble… so much for freedom of speech. I’ll keep watching for your return.

  6. It’s not so much a free speech issue as an “I’d really like to keep my job” issue, and a “Caesar’s wife must be above suspicion” issue.

    I am not faculty but an administrator, and I serve at the pleasure of the State. Anything that even looks vaguely like lobbying is right out.

    So, had I not been named, I would have been OK to go on happily dispensing snark online. I’ll just lie low a while and come back next month, assuming budget kerfuffle is over.

  7. This bugs me, but I’m not surprised. In my academic universe, there’s been so many boundaries dropped because of Facebook – All of a sudden administrators, the PTA president, parents, and other teachers are your “friends.” It does make it hard to speak your mind, which you do so eloquently here.

    I’ll await your metamorphosis (or the budget’s)

  8. This is a wonderful blog, and you have been an amazing author and scientist. Thank you so much for the great articles. ♥

  9. that sucks. Somebody clearly only knows how to register his or her disagreement by shutting down all expression of it.

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  11. This does suck. My wife is in a gov’t position and sometimes finds her personal twitter postings being censored for the same reason. Still, I’ve enjoyed your blog immensely up until now and look forward to more in the future.

  12. Goodness me. What are we supposed to do when the mightiest of the bug blogs runs aground?

    One reason your blog is so addictive is the personal style of the writing, the strong opinions, and the advocacy. It’d be a shame if you softened the sharp edges.

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  14. I hope you can come back. This is a quality blog with frequent posts, interesting information and thoughts. I would be sad if you stopped posting.

    If your boss is like my former university administration boss, (s)he probably had a difficult time even typing in a URL or performing a search to find out about this crazy “blog” thingy. Just say something scary like “Twitter!” at them and they’ll get scared and distracted and run away and forget they ever read a “blog.”

  15. Sorry to hear politrics have got you down, must be the bugs in the system, or lack of good luck and fair sailing.

  16. This sucks indeed. I guess you work in one of those states where you work at the pleasure of the employer and can be dismissed, essentially, for any reason at all.

    I live in a province like that, but fortunately I am much, much meaner than you and people know damn well that if they push me to censor myself or stop blogging I’ll go online and do something that will make national news. I had a boss, now ex-boss, who tried to get me to tone raincoaster down so much it wouldn’t offend anyone, so it wouldn’t hurt HIS reputation. Let us just say that it was not successful. Fortunately, it’s easier to do those things when A) blogging is what you actually DO for a living and B) it’s an extra job rather than the only job.

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  18. I think I’ve held out commenting for so long because I was hoping this was actually not true, and the joke would be revealed shortly. This now looks to be no joke.

    Your reasons for blogging anonymously are unknown to me, but I accepted them. Still, it occurs to me that there is something seriously wrong when a university employee (I’m assuming) must fear retribution from her (I think I’m right on this one) employer should they see the contents of this oft-acerbic but certainly not slanderous or inciteful blog. I guess the bill of rights applies only to legislators – not deans!

    My best regards — ted

  19. late on this, but I just wanted to let you know how sorry i am that you have to leave bug girl for a while. I miss your writing!

    entomology is so far outside of my field that reading your writing was like peering into another world. I loved it.

    Remember that you are always welcome in tryharderland!

  20. Really late dropping by here, but hope you come back! Geez why did someone feel the need to tattle on you? Some people… If you have to change the name to go incognito, be sure to let me know the new one.

  21. I keep checking back to see if you’ve started blogging again and am always sad to see the note about suspending the blog. I’m am academic in the humanities who doesn’t typically read a lot of science but I read your blog regularly and learned a lot from it. I hope that you’ll be back. Your knowledge and wit are missed.

  22. Having no idea when that is, and being too lazy to Google, I’ll just say that I hope it is soon. :-)

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