Month: February 2009

Cautiously excited: new repellent research

Looks like there could be a new repellent compound to choose from on your shelves soon! The compound, isolongifolenone, is made from a tree with the charming name of Bastard Bulletwood.  From the abstract: We […]

Michigan Entrepreneur: Buy my Death Ray?

I don’t know about the rest of you, but the economy is seriously freaking me out. Michigan leads the US with the highest unemployment rate (over 10%), and just about everyone I know has at […]

Bill Gates, Malaria, and Mosquitoes

In an interesting TED talk, Bill Gates releases mosquitoes into a crowd.  An excerpt: Sadly, it only takes a few comments on the TED page until the “bring back DDT” drivel appears.  Sigh. If you […]

New research on bedbug insecticide resistance

Since I mentioned bedbugs recently, I thought I would also cover this paper: Kyong Sup Yoon, Deok Ho Kwon, Joseph P. Strycharz, Craig S. Hollingsworth, Si Hyeock Lee, J. Marshall Clark (2008). Biochemical and Molecular […]

Share the love day

So, Blogroll Amnesty Day was February 3rd, and in proper Bug Blog tradition, I missed it.  B.A.D. is a day “to salute all of the great smaller blogs that don’t get the recognition they deserve.” […]

Insect Ringtones!?

I discovered that you can download cell phone ringtones for free from eNature! While most of them are birds, there are a couple of insects available: Snowy Tree Cricket Katydid If you really never want […]

More career advice

If you are applying for an internship, you should probably apply for the internship FIRST, before you have a reference letter sent. Especially if we didn’t request reference letters, but names of references. And you […]

Time to feed the Bed Bugs

Remember a few weeks back when I posted about an invention to feed lice automatically? Bedbugger alerted me to this video where Lou Sorkin demonstrates how he feeds his colony the old-fashioned way. Apparently this […]