I will resume regular posting on St. Urho’s Day!

I suspect I’ll be posting less often, simply because the complexity of my life continues to expand. Besides, things have really changed online since 2005, and there are plenty of other great bug bloggers out there representin’.

I don’t need to do it all–which is rather freeing.

In the pipeline: several book reviews, some great insect gear, and maybe a new “ask an entomologist” post.

And, of course, snark.
In case you missed it while I was gone, you can find supplementary snark about a new taxonomic fail here.

THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH for your lovely comments and messages of support. I am humbled.

Posted by Gwen Pearson

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  1. Ah, there may be other bug bloggers out there, but they are not Bug Girl! I was delighted to see you back up on my Reader.

  2. Welcome back, I’m glad you’ve sorted everything out :)

  3. And thank you for the great and informative posts. Even if it’s a post here or there, I will continue to check out your blog BG.

  4. Glad to see you’ve come back from your temporary absence!

  5. Ooksi kooksi kuulmaa vee, St. Urho is ta poi fer me!

    Terrific to learn of your return – welcome back.

  6. There’s plenty of snark online, but smart snark is scarce. Hurray for your return!

  7. Happy to hear I can get my regular fix of entomology again – and more importantly, snarkiness. Welcome back!

  8. Welcome back! Crawling on the internets has not been the same lately, playing with the bus slogan generator over and over again:


  9. It will be good to have you back. Although, I suppose that being “outed” to the boss is kind of an irrevocable thing, so are there any things other than the failings of the Michigan government that you won’t be able to talk about any more?

  10. Yes, but of course I can’t tell you them :)

  11. If all else fails, you could blog about trashy books! :)

  12. Hooray!! I wanted to echo the comment that though there are many bug bloggers, none of them are you! We need you!

  13. Glad to see your back. You are not like the rest.

    Always enjoy your blog.

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