Yay! Now in addition to spring peepers and chorus frogs, we have wood frogs.wood frog Wood frogs always crack me up, since they sound sort of like they are cussing (Click to listen).

A nifty fact about wood frogs: they can tolerate being frozen:

“As the temperature drops below freezing each winter, the wood frog drifts into a deep hibernation, its breathing and heartbeat grind to a halt, and as much as 65% of the water in its body gradually crystallizes into ice.”

If you click around on that site, you can find additional nifty info, like MRI images of a frog actually in the process of freezing solid.

I guess we know what the males are cussing about now!

[Photo from gwarcita]

Posted by Gwen Pearson

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  1. haha! I can hear the cussing. LOL

  2. FrogWatch has a handy resource that allows you to select your state and find out which frogs occur there and hear their sounds. It’s great to be able to focus on only those frogs known from a particular area and study their calls before going out to see what turns up.

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