Item #1: Detroit has a 22% unemployment rate.  (click the link for a nice NPR audio story).

Damn. Just…Damn.  Michigan as a whole has a 12% unemployment rate, and it goes up even higher if you count people who have stopped looking for work.

Item #2: Texas is up to more creationist shenanigans.  Sigh.

Item #3: Michelle Bachmann. Oh, no more big scary socialism–now we’ve gone back to calling people communists:

“We are headed down the lane of economic Marxism,” said Bachmann.”  (YAD wins on the coverage with best contextual use of “teabagging” in a political commentary.)

Item #4: Alan Keyes is runner up to Michelle, for…well, this, among other things:

“Obama has moved with impetuous determination to prove his claim to the mantle of High Priest of the Worldwide Abortion cult.”

WTFs that are amusing: A new kind of West Side Story Rumble and Dr. Boli explains the shocking truth behind training bees to visit flowers.

Ok, back to bugs tomorrow. Just wanted to point out the Detroit story, which is very well done.

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  1. Of all the things to be High Priest of, the abortion cult ain’t that bad!

  2. It was pointed out to me that I missed this bit of WTF Michigan news: Man arrested for having sex with car wash vacuum.

  3. I’ve long wondered if the reason the anti-evolutionists focus so much attention on Texas is that they have calculated that their purposes will spill over into other states due to the sheer number of textbooks purchased by Texas schools. Wasn’t it Lenin who said something to the effect of “give me the children and I will change the world”? Should someone tell Ms. Bachmann and Mr. Keyes about the Texas anti-evolutionist’s communist plans?

  4. I often wonder how accurate unemployment figures are, not least because I’m officially regarded as “not employed” and “not seeking work”. Actually, I work my socks off and them some, but as I don’t have an officially defined job with an officially defined employer nor am I officially self-employed, I’m one of the serried ranks of “not employed”.

    As for the man and the car wash, I can relate umpteen similar stories that I covered over the years, usually when I was doing court, ambulance or hospital rounds on newspapers. They involved sex with milking machines, trees, animals, bottles, vacuum cleaners, pies (yes, just like the film, but resulting in rather nasty burns), and even cars. Most of the culprits were men, although there was the odd woman with a stuck vegetable or shampoo bottle. Folks are strange.

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