Mr. Bug and I went to the discount book store after a traumatic tax session this afternoon.Subtle. Real Subtle. One section that’s always good for a laugh is the “Romance Fantasy” aisle, which anyone else would call “Girl Porn.”  This is not a genre known for it’s subtlety, as I demonstrate by Exhibit A at the Right.

Ellora’s Cave has some of the most consistently awful cover art around, and some hilariously bad prose inside.

Example: “Her nipples grieved for his touch.”
Honey. If you have bereaved nipples, you got bigger problems than your sex life.

Anyhoo, here’s what entertained me so much today: A common practice is to put quotes praising a book on the jacket cover.  Here’s the glowing recommendation of a book called “Border Lair”:

“This was an entertaining work of fiction that lacked grammatical errors and contained hot sex.”

Bwa ha ha ha ha ha ha.  Now THAT‘s a recommendation!
And yes, I did buy it for $2.99.  How could I not? So far, it is clearly something Leonard Pinth-Garnell would love.

Also: if you want some additional fun weekend WTFery, check out the Smart Bitches, Trashy Books cover reviews. Very funny!

EDITED 4/12 TO ADD: WTF Amazon??? Amazon apparently is now no longer allowing LGBT books (fiction or non-fiction) to show in sales rankings, as well as some disability books.

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  1. lol. i think i’ll stick to my doctor who fanfic, thank you very much :D

  2. I can’t imagine a better recommendation for a romance novel.

  3. Carrie: Yes, but the fanfic has grammatical errors in it!

  4. ‘Cause there’s nothing that spoils the mood faster than a misplaced comma.

  5. This made me lol

  6. It always pleases me to see someone else calling it girlie porn. I get odd looks when I do that, sometimes.

  7. It totally is porn–and as long as everything is consensual, porn is a good thing in *any* of it’s many forms. :D

    Amazon, however, has a funny idea of what is adult:

    They also are excluding books on sexuality and some feminist books. WTF?

  8. I’m not surprised by unusual and unreasonable standards in things regarding sex. Not that I think it makes sense, but it does seem to be a recurring theme in life, people being weird about it. But yes, I call it girl porn, and that’s not a criticism. Porn built the internet. And if it hadn’t, the internet wouldn’t have been quite as worth building.

    And out of curiosity, when you say porn’s a good thing as long as it’s consensual, do you mean as long as those involved in the porn are consenting, or as long as the acts being portrayed are acts of consensual sex?

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