Some days it seems like we are too far down a road to ever go back.  I work on our invasive species program, and despair of ever making progress.

And then…I see this.  President Obama with the SCA (Student Conservation Association.)

The SCA is one of the least known, greatest resources for college students that want to do conservation service. They place current students and recent grads into internships at federal and state parks, as well as community programs.

Watch this video. Look at the photos of a president with mud on his hands. Share the hope.  And tell any young(ish) people you know to check out SCA!

Posted by Gwen Pearson

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  1. Awww… you had to tell me it was a conservation groups didn’t you? I was picturing Obama in Rennaissance garb watching a sword fight.

    Wonderful to see him doing something like that. Nothing leads like a good example.

  2. Now all I can think of is Bill Clinton as one of Sir Robin’s Minstrels :D

  3. Happy Earth Day, and thanks for the post and the video. Glad I have your feed on my sidebar so I can pop in often!

  4. Nice to see such a positive video! :)

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