I just stumbled across this website–which also has a very interesting film.  The filmmaker, Alom Shaha, is a teacher; here’s what he says about the project:

“I’ve started this film and blog project in which I want to ask the question “why is science important?” to people who feel the importance of science so deeply that they have dedicated their lives to it — working scientists, science writers and, of course, science teachers.”

I really loved this interview with him:

British teachers seem to have the notion that we should teach science because it’s ‘relevant’, because we live in a technological world: “your iPod was made with science so you should understand science”. This is bollocks. It misses the point of science. Science is an amazing way of thinking, of looking at the world, at arriving at answers; it’s an entire culture.

That’s one of those “DUH” things that’s blatantly obvious once it’s pointed out!

A blurb about science as a way of knowing from the film:

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  1. interview link is broken


  2. I can’t help but think of the old Bill Cosby routine about dating a philosophy student who was always asking “Why is there air?” Bill’s reply was, “There’s air to blow up volleyballs, to blow up basketballs! Any Phys Ed major knows that!”

  3. Haven’t come across the TED website before. Some great video talks on there. Thanks for highlighting it!

  4. Doh! The above comment is about another post/blog.. I read too much! Please feel free to delete these comments..

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