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  1. Off topic re: GMO’s and tuberculosis… I saw your comments on that oh-so-strange blog (via a link from Scienceblogs). I politely commented once as well, but it was seemingly ignored (since I asked for evidence of their truly outrageous claims).

    Sadly I think there’s sometimes not much point in fighting the good fight, so to speak. A lot of these people not only happily believe just about any conspiracy theory surrounding mainstream medicine and science, they seem to think the entire enterprise of science itself is hopelessly corrupt. Demands for evidence are so often met with declarations that evidence is an inherently biased concept and that anecdote and belief are just as valid. We’re not even speaking the same language as they are :(

  2. ABM Demands for evidence are a farce : they just want to wear you down. If you don’t mind a little salty language I know an older post that helps comprehension along. I have more in my Overton Window list on my Links page.
    It’s a game where they want to ‘win’ by controlling conversation : not by scoring points.

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