Since I had the photo from yesterday…startrekkhan

Frustrating. I waited until the 16th to plant out anything, and we got a hard frost last night.

GRRRR. Michigan, you vex me.

It’s freaking spring already! Get with the program!

Posted by Gwen Pearson

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  1. That’s aggravating. In NJ, we might get frost tonight in “outlying areas.” Not sure if I’m in an “outlying area.”

  2. You still don’t understand you’re in Michigan, do you? :)

  3. Here in Edmonton, Alberta we have frost scheduled for the next four nights. In the mean time everything is snug in our coldframe. Looks like we’ll wait at least another week before planting the tender ones.

  4. Hey Bug Girl: Don’t feel too bad. I was scrapping snow off the marsh marigolds this morning and eyeing the whitened tents on the rest of my garden with dismay. Snow for the last two days in Edmonton and frost after frost after frost. This weekend was the traditional planting out time here – first weekend after the full moon in May or some such gibberish, but all is buggered. I pity the poor bees.

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