I drive past this sign several times a week as I commute across the state. Over the last two years, the price has gotten lower and lower.

This is an 8.9 acre piece of property in central Michigan, and on a lake.

And it’s now selling for $25K less than our house.

We’re doomed.

Oh, and Michigan still leads the nation…in unemployment. 12.9%.

Posted by Gwen Pearson

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  1. I keep hearing people blame the Governor for this. Partisanship aside, I’m always curious to know what any other Governor would do differently or better given this economic situation.

  2. I can’t see how any of this could possibly be her fault.
    The whole country is having issues–MI just has it worse than most because of the auto/manufacturing collapse.

    All of my neighbors are laid off or on furlough.

  3. ::sigh::

    This would be a great time to move — if I didn’t have to sell my own needs-fixing-up house, and were I not already working two to three jobs just to keep it over my family’s heads!

    But I can’t whine too much; everyone else I know is in much the same dilemma…

    Here’s to hoping your job doesn’t also disappear in someone’s budgetary slice-dice-julienne-fries.


  4. I’m sure it’s thin comfort, but it’s pretty “doomy” over here too. IMO, if it was the governor’s (or president’s) choice the economy would never ever go bad. Like quarterbacks, we give them too much credit/blame for how the game goes down.

  5. omg, I would buy that place in a heartbeat…but where ever that is must be a long commute and with gas prices today (even though they have lowered in MI) still are high. Michigan is definitely bad though, most of my friends are laid off, luckily my dad lets me work for him anytime so I can concentrate on school. I also think you can’t really blame Granholm for all this.

  6. My brother works for the Soil Conservation Service in Michigan and likes to tell me how that state has the corner on gloom and doom. He really loves living in Michigan, so this has all been quite hard. I don’t ever get to complain about things in California as Michigan trumps The Golden State every time.

  7. wow. that is crazy.

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