W00t of the week: an interview!

Yep, it’s apparently “Interview Bug Girl on the Interwebs” month.  I’m this week’s featured blog at the Nature Blog Network. Squee!

In other news:

  • Good news: we found our water well!
  • Bad news: it’s not to code, and we have to dig and install a new well. Ouch.
  • Good news: I’ll be in Minnesota this weekend at SkepchickCon!
  • Bad news:  Um, no real downside to that, actually, unless you can’t be there too.

6 thoughts on “W00t of the week: an interview!

  1. Hey, good for you! Glad you are getting the recognition you deserve. Sorry ’bout the well:-( Have fun in Minnesota. I do wish I could be there. The weather alone has got to be better than here in western Mass…..Take care, keep up the great work.

  2. This is a nice interview because it gives some insight into how someone ought to use a blog, as a reader—what kinds of information someone might find there and what a blogger’s motives are. This interview, together with Bug Girl’s blog itself, makes a nice touchstone for evaluating the kind of information content of other blogs.

    What’s really exciting is that, with the upcoming SkepchickCon (I think that’s where she said she’s reveal herself), we may get to learn Bug Girl’s real identity. I’m curious about how well her avatar represents her . . .

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