Can I just say, I really, really miss George Carlin?  Anyway:  a roundup of random items and a vote!

Item 1: Finally, after 2 years, we have an offer on the house!! We also did have to re-dig our water well…and repair the septic tank…but it does seem like it will happen.  The downside to this is that the offer is contingent on our moving by July 30th.  EEEEK!

Item 2: I will be super busy the next two weeks with a major new program for first-year students, as well as getting our fall classes sorted out. So, posting will be very spotty.  I feel bad about phoning it in on the Bug Blog so often lately, but life is pretty crazy.  You can tell I’m stressed because I’ve cut most of my hair off.

Item 3: Because I will be working 24/7 for the next couple of weeks, I’m trying to start packing now. Here’s the vote: Keep the 1979 high school year book? or chuck it?

Posted by Gwen Pearson

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  1. Ya need that for remember how u all looked back then…and memories..
    mine is packed away somewhere..humm dont know where..

  2. 1. If you have or are planning to have children, they might wish you had saved your yearbook so maybe hold on to it.
    2. If you anticipate being the kind of old person who can’t remember something and just HAS TO KNOW OR YOU WILL GO MAD, save it. Just keep it somewhere handy so you can use it as a reference book as needed.
    3. Or ditch it but take digital pictures of the pages you think you might miss if you threw it out. (Or call your old school and see if they want it for their library/archives – might want to take the pages with the tawdry notes out).
    4. Then again, if in them midst of needing to move in 2 weeks, perhaps this is just a sign of procrastination. The yearbook is the red herring. Put it in a box, move your house, and deal with it later.

  3. I will be right there with you. And did I mention that I can’t sleep anymore because I can’t stop thinking about everything that needs to get done in the NEXT FOUR DAYS????

    OMG. Give me a paper bag, please!

    BTW, congrats on the house! Sorry I couldn’t have been your buyer… if it wasn’t for my own unsellable dwelling, that garden would have been MINE!

  4. Find some grad student/slave labor type person and scan it. Then chuck it.

  5. Wait–where are the comments that say I’m too young to possibly have been in high school in the 70’s?????

  6. Hey, you’re younger than I am, which makes you officially young!

    (By one year, assuming that’s your Senior yearbook, but still…)

    (I’m perhaps not the best person to advise on keep/toss as I always tend to keep things. Except, for some reason, email messages. Still, HS yearbook: sentimental value and doesn’t take up THAT much space.)

  7. Weeeeell, I guess it depends how vested you are in this yearbook. On the one hand, I know just how BIG it is….can you say Texas?! Also, how many of these people will you ever contact/are in touch with? On the other hand, if it conjures up memories of copious amounts of Aqua Net, who am I to say ditch it?

  8. SON OF A…. we now also have to put in a radon abatement system, since we apparently have low levels of radon.


  9. I didn’t bother keeping my 1979 senior yearbook, and haven’t missed it. (One of the few upsides to faceblindness; didn’t know who those mob of people were then.)


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